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New Book on Grace Kelly – The startling royal exposé

Grace Kelly

A new book by Robert Lacey explores the life of movie legend Grace Kelly.


From the moment Grace Kelly stepped before the movie camera in 1950, the world was captivated by this stunningly beautiful yet elusive actress. After a string of passionate affairs with leading film stars such as Clark Gable, Ray Milland and William Holden,

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Blue Plaque Campaign for Elizabeth Taylor Launched

Blue Plaque Campaign for Elizabeth Taylor Launched

In an effort to celebrate the fact that one of the greatest international stars in the world came from the UK a blue plaque campaign has been initiated on behalf of Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Right before she died Elizabeth Taylor requested that a blue plaque be placed at 8

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Gone With the Wind Star Alicia Rhett passes away at 98

The oldest of four surviving cast members of ‘Gone With the Wind’ died last Friday at an Episcopal retirement community in Charleston, South Carolina. She was the only credited cast member who was born in Georgia, the state where much of GWTW’s action took place. Alica Rhett was 98, and died of ‘natural causes’.

Few movies

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Digital film sales set to pass DVD’s by the end of this year

Digital film purchases are growing in number so quickly that they are projected to outnumber the amount of DVDs that will be sold by the end of 2014 according to one of the largest film studios in Hollywood.

President of 20th Century Fox, Mike Dunn, stated in an interview with the Financial Times that the digital

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BAFTA awards 2014 eagerly anticipated

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) will be presenting kudos to the winners in numerous categories of film and film-making on 16 February at London’s Royal Opera House; the list of nominees was announced on Wednesday. Though the space thriller “Gravity” got the most nominations it will be a close race with

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Three films affected by the tragic death of Paul Walker

The death of Paul Walker has left film producers and production companies of films he starred in bereft as they try to get into terms with the realities of the sudden death of the star in Saturday’s car crash. Three films have been affected greatly by this sad news: Hours, Fast and Furious 7 and

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More big names cast in Batman Vs Superman

The forthcoming Batman Vs Superman film will feature the Israeli-born Gal Gadot, the Fast & Furious actress, as she takes on the role of Wonder Woman alongside Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman. The announcement has been made by Deadline Hollywood. She has already been a star in three Fast & Furious

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Is Dr Strange finally going to be seen on the big screen?

It is rumoured that Earth’s greatest sorcerer, Doctor Strange, will be soon on the big screens. These rumours indicate that the Doctor will appear for some time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the question that many people are asking is if Doctor Strange will be part of Marvel’s phase 3, or will they have

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Cinema ticket prices under the spotlight

Over the years, cinemas have adopted one-price-fits all criteria. It will cost you the same amount of money to see Catching Fire as well as Last Vegas even though the demand for these two films is quite different. Additionally, you will pay the same amount of money to see Catching Fire immediately it opens and

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Spot future Oscar winners at the Toronto Film Festival

Any film worthy of consideration for an Oscar nomination will get a showing at the Toronto Film Festival. This has been the trend for the past six years with all the Best Picture winners having marked their entrée at Toronto. This year at the festival, the premier night opened with a showing of The Fifth

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